The circle of life collection is the best expression of the essence of Daltei Diamonds. Three iconic pieces, full of profound meaning.

The two necklaces, available in silver or 18k gold are both decorated with 75 antique cut diamonds, the cord is made of natural hemp and is entirely hand woven in Italy and finished in Kojima.

The pin is available in stirling silver or 18k gold and is decorated with 67 diamonds- antique cut.

The cord is inspired by the ancient cult of shimenawa, the sacred cord of the shintoists, designed to be a ward against evil spirits, in japanese culture the skull is a symbol of change or is worn to celebrate a great life.

The circle represents the celebration of the self and the totality of one’s psiche. The magical circle envelops all things and it amplifies one’s power.

We percieve these three jewels as powerful talismans with a combination of three strong positive elements.